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SUNTUNE is a supplier of special displays. The products cover waterproof touch screens, outdoor display kiosks, self service payment kiosks, interactive displays, video walls etc.

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Video Player Kiosk

Digital out of home display is assembled with high brightness screens, well protected with tempered glass and galvanized steel plate. IP55 with fan-cooling system and IP65 with air-conditioner system are the two common heat dissipating modes, and auto-light sensor, waterproof, vandal-proof, dust-proof, ultraviolet-proof are the key features. As most of DooH displays need to be customized, the designs and appearances can be various.

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Wall Mount Screen

Different from the standing kiosk, the wall mount screen is usually limited within 65 inch due to its own weight and the wall bearing strength. Hence it’s various less in designs and more regular in appearances. But it can be portable, and flexible in installation. It has the same key features as kiosks, only seldom with IP65. It also seldom works with multi touch, instead, most of time runs as an advertising player alone.

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Video Wall Display

Video wall is a display assembled with multiple units, on which signals can play by roaming, windowing, PIP, well known for its brightness, longevity, and stability. With the advanced processor, it can run 24 hours uninterrupted, while no damage nor distortion to images. Comparing with other displaying items, video wall is remarkable as a super large display, a perfect option for advertising, conference, shopping mall, and control room.

Touch Screen Kiosk

Touch screen kiosk is labelled as digital display indoor, which includes floor standing display, wall mount display, table display, mirror display, transparent display, and whiteboard. Compared with outdoor displays, the indoor displays don’t have to be waterproof or with high brightness, hence they don’t have to be proceeded with much customization, which means their designs are standardized, with fewer options.

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Self Service Device

Self service device is well known as the all-in-one device with touch screen, computer, camera, QR scanner, fingerprint reader, receipt printer, and industrial control system, mostly applied as food ordering kiosk, ticket printing kiosk, retail vending machine, automatic reaction machine, hotel self check in, feedback terminal, etc. Kinds of self service machines are optional with more than 200 designs by SUNTUNE. Individual customization is welcome.


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