Seamless LED Video Wall

Key Features:

  1. Waterproof, High brightness, High Definition, Power Saving.
  2. 5G/4G/WiFi clustered-control, Remote Synchronization.
  3. Auto- temperature Sensor (-25℃ to +50℃); Auto-light Sensor with no light pollution.
  4. Contents updating via CMS. Interactive with Mobile App.
  5. Part of the smart city solutions together with environment monitoring, surveillance cameras, IP broadcasting, Charging Piles etc.

Product Description:

Control Room, Exhibition Center, Bus (Metro) Station, Airport Corridor, Museum, Library, Gymnasium, Stadium, Theater, University, Hospital, Bank, Shopping Mall, Sales Lobby, Chain Store, Avenue (Street) and so on.

Modules are available with P1.2, P1.8, P2.0, P2.5, P3.0, P4.0, P5.0.


Wall mount, Ceiling mount, or Floor standing.
4G, WiFi AP, Camera, IP DMB, One-key Alarm.

Outdoor street light-pole advertising displays
Transparent LED curtain displays with high brightness
LED signage floor-standing kiosk