Smart Mirror Touch Screen

Key Features:

  1. Novel and unique. First impression is always important.
  2. Plug and play. Valid with remote control. No fussy settings.
  3. Smart switching between mirror and advertisements.
  4. Backlight: WLED.
  5. Materials: Metal shell + tempered glass, with Locks and Keys.
  6. Anti-sweat, anti-fogging. Waterproof (IP44).

Product Description:

Mirror screens are able to display full page advertising, then once the sensor is engaged, the image is to minimize into the corner, or disappear.

Applied: Entertainment, Dining, Shopping malls, Beauty and Fitness, Private clubs etc.


Screen size: 15.6/21.5/32/43/55/65 inch
Mirror dimension: Customized
OS: Windows; Android. DIY supported.
Touch: Infrared, Capacitive.