Self-service Touch Kiosk

Key Features:

  1. Panel: A+ TFT-LCD 15.6/17/21.5/32/43/55 inch.
  2. OS: Android or Windows. DIY supported.
  3. Touch type: Infrared, Capacitive, SAW, Resistive…
  4. Protection: SPCC metal plate. Locks and Keys for SECURITY.
  5. Color: Black, White, Red, Gray, Golden, Silver…
  6. 7*24 hours working uninterrupted.

Product Description:

The terminal kiosk is an all-in-one device integrated with many modules, and applied almost everywhere, mainly as ticket terminal, payment terminal, printer terminal, feedback terminal, betting terminal, information check in, and vending machine.

Public Places: Exhibition Center, Library, Museum, Gymnasium, Conference Center, Talent Markets, Buildings, Business Hall, Hospitals, Schools, Post Office, Airport (Metro, Bus) Stations, Parking Lots, etc.
Business Organization: Restaurant, Cafeteria, Cafes, Bookstore, Tea Shop, Shopping Malls, Chain Store, Franchised Store, Hotels, Automobile 4S Servic shop etc.
Entertainment Center: Movie Theater, Saloon, Golf Course, KTV, Holiday Resort, Scenic Spot, Game Center, etc.


RJ45, WiFi, 4G, Bluetooth, Camera, Receipt Printer, QR Scanner, Fingerprint Reader, Numeric Keyboard, USB Chargers, Emergency Button, Rolling Text LED Panel, Light Box, etc. For design options, visit,

Prototype 1 and Prototype 2.