RGB Laser Light Projector

Key Features:

1. Long viewing distance, single beam of 8-10 kilometers, multiple beams of 1-2 kilometers, depending on the project’s ambient light and viewing position.
2. Number of projected beams: 1-50 beams can be controlled according to on-site effects, projection beams More brightness and range will decrease.
3. There is a power-off protection system device, a good sealing system such as rain, dust, moisture, and constant temperature control;
4. It can be remotely controlled by wireless, and it can automatically turn on and run automatically and shut down the system automatically to achieve unattended function.

Product Description:

Full-color animated laser with high-speed seismic scanning speed, pattern with broken pen, strobe, rotation, roll, move, stretch, zoom, fade, speed, color, etc., with pattern size adjustment function, built-in 128 Beam and animation patterns can be used for beam animation, laser advertising, and laser projection.


Application: outdoor
Power: 15W, 20W, 30W, 40W…80W