Outdoor Phone Booth

Key Features:

  1. Panel: A+ TFT LCD (IPS).
  2. Housings: Single-sided, Double-sided.
  3. High Brightness: 1000-3000 nits with auto-light sensor.
  4. Protection: galvanized metal plate + tempered glass.
  5. Waterproof, Dust-proof, Vandal-proof, Rustproof.
  6. Remote settings: with CMS software.
  7. 7*24 Hours working uninterrupted

Product Description:

Outdoor phone booth is applied as cell phone charging kiosks. When integrated with modules like Tablet, WiFi, 4G, Alarm key, it becomes a station public hot for cinema, museum, gymnasium, metro, airport, shopping center, etc.

Screen sizes are regular with 43/55/65 inch.


10.1 inch Tablet, 4G (5G), Wi-Fi, Numeric Keyboard, USB Chargers, Camera, One-key Alarm, Fingerprint Reader, QR Scanner, Receipt Printer, Rolling Text LED Panel, Light Box…