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Outdoor interactive tabletop kiosk alive with AI technology

SUNTUNE manufactured some tabletop kiosks for Europe (Here download the pictures). By feedback, digital marketing and mobile advertising are still the main fields for newly added advertising costs. However, the whole industry is in reformation, with the help of big data, AI, IoT and other technological advances. For example, contents are in transit from man […]

Interactive touch display could usher in a outbreak period

According to relevant reports, in the past 2019, interactive touch display got developed remarkably, particularly at the early period of corona virus. The fact is, commercial display monitor and conference system are not main choice for most companies, instead, many more are still relying on traditional TV plus independent audio processing system. Despite all this, […]

Commercial display monitor and insight into market trend

Benefited from good policy, more and more scenarios are tried out for commercial display monitors. And so the display industry finds its opportunity growing steady for years. However, in the spotlight of IoT, Big Data, AI, the commercial displays get smarter, which means the trend will continue upward but with a sort of new momentum. […]

Network advertising media player and the developing analysis

With the smart city carried on, IoT has been sweeping across the whole display industry. As a result, it calls for updating and upgrading of all advertising media players, especially those mounted many years ago. It happens all the time when the market comes to a saturation, new demands will arise quick in a short […]

LED display light shining in five-year urban development

We all love the urban landscape lighting. It makes the nightlife so colorful. However, it’s not right to exclude the led display light while think lighting means illumination only. Actually, LED display light has won many places in urban modernization, which is embodied in projects like led glow ball, led video curtain, led wall display, […]

5G advertising totem pole with led street screens

5G is coming! The outdoor light poles, as the carrier of 5G and its micro NodeB, also come into scale faster than the last year. As a matter of fact, 5G poles are only one presentation of the smart applications. Then, what other functions shall the poles to have to make the applications complete? Here […]

Smart mirror advertising screen with body sensor hot in salon

Magic mirror is actually a mirror with TFT monitor display. When integrated with motion sensor, touch screen, camera, WiFi, and drived by a certain software or App, it becomes an interactive mirror tv. Samsung, who is famous for its smart phone and TFT panel, is said the pioneer of mirror displays. SUNTUNE, though started later, […]

Automated retail vending machine with touch screen

At the age of IoT and AI, we are surrounded with smart devices. To balance online consumers and offline experiences, the automated retail vending machine comes into being a key solution. By customization and analysis, the traditional retailers are no difficulty in shifting their business higher. This trend is especially boosted up by the epidemic […]